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We believe that creative expression is empowerment. We develop multidisciplinary arts programs and workshop that empower people to tell their stories through the arts to promote positivity and spark change. Our programs bridge dance, photography, acting and visual arts to create meaningful art and give youth the opportunity to tell their stories. Students will work with accomplished teaching artists of MarDelDance’s company to craft their stories into performances. We aim to bring arts education and programming to those who need it the most, partnering with low-income school districts, therapy centers and organizations working with at-risk youth.* Program curriculum is tailored to each school or partner organization, based on timeframe, collaborative goals and objectives. Each program culminates in a performance and presentation of the students’ work.

Master Class 

MarDelDance's Master Class Program is designed to bring one of our company members to your students! Our master classes consist of a 2 hour class designed with your students in mind. Dancers will begin with a warm-up to connect their mind and body and move into choreography. Master Classes can be repertory based on technique based.

The Details:

*each masterclass is catered to the individual studio/school

*dates/time to be discussed and determined individually

*rates: 2 -hour class including travel $250



MarDelDance Residency Program is designed to bring MarDelDance to the professional student with either a repertory or new choreographed piece, The residency program bring our company to your students. We will meet with your students multiple times and throughout the process either teach one of our repertory dances or set brand new work on your students for them to perform at their dance concerts or other venues of the schools/studios' choosing. 

The Details: 

*each residency varies in length and time

*each residency is catered to the school/studio individually

*rates, dates, and times are to be determined on an individual basis



MarDelDance Intensive Program is designed to bring the idea of dance-drama to serious dance students. Students will be given the opportunity to study various forms of performing arts in conjunction with the many dance disciplines. Students will have 4 classes each 1 hour long taught by different professionals in the area from NY, NJ, PA, and beyond. The students will receive 4 different dance styles throughout the intensive! This gives the students the chance to practice and learn all types of performing arts


The Details:

*each intensive is catered to each studio/school

*intensives last 4.5 hours; 4 classes & a 1/2 hour snack/lunch break

*rate, time, and dates to be discussed on an individual basis per intensive



MarDelDance Collaboration program is designed to bring the true mission of MarDelDance to your students. The collaboration program combines dance with other fine arts such as film, music, and photography. This program can be a one day program or a few days. The collaboration Program helps to show students to power of the arts in all it's disciplines. 

The Details:

*each Collaboration Program is specifically designed for each studio/school

*length of each program can vary

*rates/dates/times to be determined on an individual basis

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