performing developers


Marianne Bator

artistic director 


Chelsey Nagy

Virulent, The First Law, The Third Law, Cohesion, Second Nature


Christine O'Donnell

The Second Law, Cohesion, Second Nature

Holly Jarboe-Garb

The Third Law, Second Nature

Michelle Pantina

Flicker, Second Nature, Cohesion, Pulse

Alyssa Blazofsky

Second Nature, The Second Law, Pulse

Renee Jonas

The First Law, Pulse

Heather Fibkins

The Second Law, Second Nature, Pulse

Danielle Kwoka

The First Law

Caitlin Knowles

The First Law, Cohesion, Pulse

research developers


Mary Purcell

Ph.D. of the bacteria Legionella Pneumophila


Alyssa Blazofsky

B.S. Psychology; M.S. General Psychology; Currently working towards M.S. in Occupational Therapy

Barbara Tsaousis

B.S. in Molecular Biology; B.A. in Health, Medicine, and Society; Currently working towards M.D. with hopes to become an OB/GYN

Amanda Paige

Commissioned Choreographer of Pulse